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Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm still here

Sorry I haven't posted, but due to some new medication my hands have been too swollen to do anything. I'm off that med and before I start the next trial med I hope to get a few cards done to post later today. Thanks for being patient.
A little back ground in case you are interested why the meds. I had carpel tunnel surgery done on both hands about 4 yrs ago. The Dr. fixed that problem BUT after my left hand was done I woke up from surgery with pain, nothing unusual or worse that the right hand was, and the pain never went away :( They have yet to diagnose what is causing it. I had an MRI done and they did find some deterioration in my neck. I just got done with a 2yr court battle with comp to include my neck. So any way I just started seeing another new Dr (this is like the 5th Dr I have been sent too) for pain management. Anyway that basically means that once again I have to retry all the different meds so HE can see how I react to them. UGH I tried to tell him that I don't do well on most of them and they cause me lots of problems. Its is ALL in my records, but no he has to see for himself and try a new combinations. So what everrr its not them that has to put up with all the side affects, which by the way I don't react well to pain killers that's part of the problem. Ok deep breath ....thanks for reading my vent. I'm off to clean up from my club last night and do some stamping to post later. Have a great day


Ms Rae said...

Michelle, I pray the meds don't bother you too much. I been there done that. I've been down for a few days with headaches. Hope those hands keep you stamping. Your work is great. Be encouraged friend.

Angelia said...

Michelle, Bless your heart! I can relate to those pain management specs as I have fibromyalgia and have been through the ringer with it. I pray that your get through this try it and see period soon and get some relief. I will keep you in my prayers.
Crackers and Kisses, Angelia