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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The kids chore chart

Since I'm one of those awful Moms that make their kids do chores I made a chore chart to help them keep track of what chore they had for the day. Okay maybe I should say what chore Jeff, my husband, was going to make them do that day...lol they never listen to me. Jeff says I'm way too soft;)
Each kid has one main chore to do, that's the top row. A chore they my have to help me with on my bad pain days, that's in row two. The very bottom row is extra chores they may have to do or help with on the weekend.
The chores are held on by magnets and usually get moved by which ever child is being the bossiest that night. So yes you guessed it sometimes it was moved twice, the little brats. As life goes My oldest, Zak, when he got a job that ment he could just pay the younger ones to do his chore. I didn't care as long as the chore was done and nobody was fighting. Have a great day. I'm off to reorganize my stamps Out with the soon to be retired and making room for the new to make me inspired :)


Sarah said...

Awesome idea Michelle!! Love the colours on the chart!

Michelle said...

That is SO cool! What a great project, Michelle!